Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We have a new addition to our family

I made a baby! Check her out.
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Monday, January 18, 2010

New Projects for 2010

Recently someone told me that they are no longer teaching cursive in school. I guess in the age of texting and computers, the pen in less necessary. Truly, I find it easier to type but still, the news made me a little sad.

So I've decided to begin a project for 2010. I was inspired by my buddy Jessie and her blog Everyday's a Halladay. She gave a gift to someone everyday for 29 days. I'm not great with committing to something everyday, so I'm trying something that calls for action once a week. I'm going to write a letter to a friend each week and then tell you a great memory of them. I think it is a great way to remember how many people I have had the honor of knowing and it is always fun to get something in the mail that is not a bill or a flyer.

The year started out as kind of a flop as I got sick almost immediately, so I've got a little catching up to do.

The first letter to go out is to my friend Elvia Moreno in Yuma, Arizona.

Elvia is actually one of my mother's best friends and became a great friend to me. I met her when I was about 9 years old and even then, I could tell she was all kinds of awesome. When I was about 12, she took me shopping with her and used me as a sample dummy for perfumes. My wrist, my neck, my elbow, part by part I was covered with scent. It gave me a new appreciation for the smell good stuff. When she dropped me off and I walked through the door, my mother about fell over with the overwhelming stench, but we had to laugh about it.

When I began working and earning money later that year, one of the first things I saved up for was a nice bottle of perfume. I knew Elvia would be proud.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting Ahead of Myself

Today training called for a quick two miles. No biggie. I could do that in my sleep now. Or so I thought.

I was feeling pretty empowered by the weekend's five mile jog and thought I would skimp on the warm up. The weather was beautiful for once. I thought it was a sign that I should just go ahead and push myself from the beginning. Oh how I paid for that little mishap.

I need to keep reminding myself that I am conditioning my body, not punishing it.

I came home and did a little stretch and make steak and salad. As I ate, all I could think of was how silly I was for trying to go too far too quickly.

All in good time grasshopper.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Call it Out

Sometimes I forget how much positive reinforcement can do. Today was the first long run of marathon training. Mind you, last week, Halladay and I went around Iroquois park for five miles, but it was all walking. Today, it was intervals, and I was alone.

I loaded up my ipod and got ready to sweat. I mapped out a route in my neighborhood that would get me to my goal. The first two miles weren't bad and I was feeling pretty good about myself.

Mile three was the tough one for me. The heat made my head feel like it was on fire. Bugs were acting as mini kamakaze fighters diving at my face. The salt from my forehead sweat was burning my eyes. I had a moment of "what am I doing? I can't believe I agreed to do this. I'll never make it." That is when I passed a girl heading to a party I had just passed by. I smiled and her and said "hello."

Her response was an enthusiastic "Get it girl!" I flashed a toothy grin and started to jog. I don't think this complete stranger knew that she pushed me past a moment when I wanted to give up.

I've had moments before where I've seen runners struggling and I want do call out "you can do it!" I've shied away from it before. I won't again. If you see someone out in the heat pushing to run or walk or bike or whatever, cheer them on. It really does help.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's too hot, too hot lady

Anyone who has been outside in the past week knows about the steamy weather. Growing up in Arizona, it used to frustrate the crap out of me when people said 110 degrees was ok because it was a "dry" heat. I now know the difference. However, I will not let my fellow Southern summer sufferers out that easy.

Today the temps soared into the 90's. The muggy 90's. I got into my car and it was miserable. I felt like I had a film on my skin. The air felt heavy in my lungs. I was a pool of sweat before my beloved AC could help. I grabbed the steering wheel and it was uncomfortably hot. I went on my merry way.

Now in the desert, the scenario is a bit different. You would have approached the car and played a game of either use your shirt to guard your hand from the hot door handle or the quick grab and pray that it doesn't take skin. As soon as the door would open, a wave of heat would pour out of the car, very similar to taking a cake out of a hot oven. It burns your skin a little, but not enough to make you yell. You will need your voice when you actually get in the car if you haven't put up your sun shade. If you don't feel the seat cooking the flesh right off your ass, it is because that pain is muted by the third degree burns you have from touching the steering wheel or seatbelt without the spare pair of socks you keep beneath the seat just for this occasion. You dive for the AC button and wonder why the heat didn't melt the plastic knobs right off the dashboard. A blast of molten hot air burst out of the vents. Stsssssstsststss. That is the sound of your face sizzling and melting off like the nazi dudes in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Welcome to the desert baby. That's the "dry" heat you've been hearing all about. Consider that the next time you tell someone from the desert how hot it is.

That being said, summer sucks. Didn't like it in the desert. Don't like it here. One is not better than the other, or really worse for that matter. It all sucks. I just went for a little two mile run as the sun started to go down. Even though the day is getting cooler, I could only sigh and count the days until fall.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It Cakes Two Baby

Anyone who knows me knows I have little self control when it comes to food. My latest weakness comes in the form of a shop that specializes in cupcakes, aptly named "The Cupcake Shoppe." Not entirely inventive name, but it doesn't have to be, I love it just the way it is. They have created a cupcake so entirely perfect, it brings a tear to my eye. We'll get to that in a minute.

I have had a pretty rotten couple of weeks as my husband and I are trying to buy our first house. After three weeks of brutal negotiation, a bad appraisal and then a home inspection, we are walking away from the house. My nerves are raw. My husband and I have been sniping at each other. We are both exhausted. As soon as we decided to walk away, a cloud lifted and everything seemed brighter. So to celebrate, I stopped to get two perfect cupcakes for dessert tonight.

Now I must tell you my husband rarely eats sweets. I thought he would make an exception after I told him the wonders of fluffy cake with baked in strawberries topped with fresh whipped cream and a strawberry. I was wrong. The giddy, sarcastic, playful man I love is back. He didn't want to eat it. At the same time, he didn't want me to have it. Yes, he makes childish decisions, but look who he married. I can't fault him.

The conversation went like this:
Hubby: You gave it to me. It's mine. You can't have it.
Polipino: I bought it.
Hubby: I bought your wedding ring.
Polipino: We've been married almost two years. How long are you gonna use that?
Hubby: Until you stop being wife and become 'the plaintiff.'

I ate the cupcake. Both of them.

Half Marathon training starts tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Man Who Understands

Today is a rough day. Writer's block coupled with some severe cravings. When I get writer's block, I step away from the project and do a little light reading. My friend sent me an article on run/walking. It talked about the recovery needed while doing long distances. It says you need to give your body breaks so you don't hurt yourself. So if you happen to be in my neighborhood and you see me holding on to tree, panting and crying, just know I'm taking a little break. It's science. Don't mess with science.

The article also linked to a health blog. You can check it out here.


Check out the entry "My brief life as a woman." It is about a man who is going through hormone treatments during his recovery from prostate cancer. He talks about the hot flashes, the crying and of course, weight gain and cravings.

My first instinct was to seek out this man and hug him. We could cry together and then hit the cupcake shoppe. Which by the way, if you haven't been http://www.louisvillecupcakes.com . You can thank me later.

I think sometimes men believe we are crazy and then just BLAME hormones with no real backing. They will watch us eat two burgers, a hot dog, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, broccoli casserole, a slice of cake and two cupcakes in awe. They can't hear the voice screaming inside "give me MORE." It was so refreshing to hear a man talk about the struggle of telling your body "no" you don't need Doritos slathered with cream cheese.

I've had the same debate. Welcome to the club, brother.